FRP lining is the surface lining by fiberglass and resin which can be applied to concrete and steel, for examples, the concrete pond and the factory ground, etc. The fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is a reinforced material with the key feature of strength and durability with rust-proof throughout work lifetime as well as high resistance to the corrosion of acid, alkaline and other chemicals which cause long lifetime.

From the accumulated experience for a long time, Gencon Engineering Company Limited is expertise in selecting the appropriate grade and thickness of resin which is suitable for our customer’s application. Moreover, we provide the pre-FRP lining service, for examples, sandblasting or grinding surface before coating for the highest quality and effectiveness of the FRP lining as well as the highest satisfaction of our customers.

Examples of appropriate surfaces for FRP Lining

  • Production line of the factory with chemicals
  • Wasted-water treatment ponds
  • Internal surface of chemical storage tank such as FRP tanks, steel tanks, stainless steel tanks or concrete ponds, etc.
  • FRP Tanks or FRP ducts with leaks or deterioration
gencon product งานเคลือบไฟเบอร์กลาส FRP Lining
gencon product งานเคลือบไฟเบอร์กลาส FRP Lining

Advantages of FRP Lining

  • Resistance to corrosion by various chemicals depending on choosing the appropriate resin grade
  • Reinforced material with strength, durability and rust-proof throughout work lifetime
  • Long lifetime
  • Selectable colors of the lining surface by customers