Bio Scrubber System is the purifying technology of the polluted air by the biodegradable process. This process can eliminate the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and purify the odor from wasted water system, for example, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), etc. by using the microbes in biodegradable process to eliminate pollution from the air.

Bio scrubber system composes of a packing media which acts as an intermediary. This packing media works like an intermediary of the wet scrubber system with the surface area for microbial accumulation. When the contaminated air flows up from the bottom through a packing media, the air will be sprayed to entrap the contaminants. The microbes will help to purify the air to be released into the external environment. Regarding the water with a mixture of microbes and contaminants, it will be transmitted to the tank. Then, the biodegradable process will be applied for the clean water which can be re-used. Therefore, the bio scrubber will cause less amount of water released into the external environment than other scrubber systems.

Bio scrubber system is suitable for the manufacturing industry, for examples, the bio-ethanol manufacturing factory, the flour manufacturing factory, the sugar manufacturing factory, the palm-oil manufacturing factory, the food manufacturing factory, the petrochemical manufacturing factory and the bio-gas manufacturing factory as well as the wasted-water treatment plant, etc.

gencon product ระบบบำบัด H2S ด้วย Bio Scrubber
gencon product ระบบบำบัด H2S ด้วย Bio Scrubber

Advantages of Bio Scrubber System

  • Low chemicals using which does not cause any danger and pollution into the external environment
  • Easiness for both control and maintenance
  • Reusability of the water from FRP sump tank after the biodegradable process
  • Low volume of the wasted water being released into the external environment without being further purified by other systems