FRP Ducting System is designed for ventilating odor, fume, chemical vapor or wasted gas in the factories by FRP blower through the FRP ducts. After the purifying process, the air is released out of the working area into the external environment to meet the safety standard and minimizing the possible impacts on the health of the workers.

FRP ducts of Gencon Engineering Company Limited are available in both round and square shapes with various sizes for our customers. We can supply from the diameter sizes of 2” or 50 mm. to 160” or 4,000 mm. They are manufactured by a standardized filament winding machine. The key feature of FRP ducts is being highly resistant to corrosion from acidic or alkaline conditions and chemicals which causes a long lifetime.

gencon product  ระบบท่อไฟเบอร์กลาส FRP Ducting System
gencon product  ระบบท่อไฟเบอร์กลาส FRP Ducting System

Moreover, we provide other devices which are used for connecting with the FRP ducting system including the FRP Hood. The FRP hood is installed at the source of fume or chemical vapor for the most effective suction. The shapes of FRP hood are varied depending on the type of industry and suction, for examples, the canopy hood and the slot hood, etc.


In addition , we supply FRP ducts which are flame-retardant or non-flammable (FM Approved Duct) by coating internally with the vinyl ester resin which is highly resistant to a corrosion of fume or chemical vapor. Moreover, they are externally coating with phenolic resin which makes the FM Approved Duct is non-flammable and non-fire sparkling for the highest safety to both lives and assets of the operators.

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