• Repairing or replacing the spare parts of the bio scrubber such as pump, motor, bearing, belt, FRP Duct, PVC Duct, UPVC Duct and other related equipments, etc.
  • Replacing the spray nozzle, pressure gauge, packing media, activated carbon powder, FRP grating, PP grating and FRP support structure
  • Balancing and overhauling the FRP blower
  • Repairing or replacing the FRP accessory of the FRP Storage tank
  • Repairing by FRP lining service such as FRP scrubber, FRP blower, FRP duct, FRP water storage tank, FRP chemical storage tank, FRP bio scrubber tank and surface lining, etc.
  • Carrying out the moisture test, the thickness test and the hardness test as well as the holiday test of FRP lining work
  • Cleaning the fume hood cupboard and replacing its spare parts as well as checking the flow rate and air suction in front of the hood
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