The annual meeting “Gencon Kick-Off2019”

Gencon Engineering Co., Ltd. provided the annual meeting "Gencon Kick-Off 2019", lectured by our top managements and managers on April 30, 2019. In the beginning of seminar, Managing Director and General Manager lectured about the history of company, corporate culture, and direction of year 2019. In addition, we have exchanged knowledge about work process of each department including sharing work experience and the way to reach the department and company target in order that all employees can apply knowledge and realize to the importance of unity and teamwork which will lead all of us to reach the company goal as our staffs are most significant key to drive the organization to move forward effectively and help Gencon to grow sustainably.

Therefore, we hope that this activity “Gencon Kick-Off 2019” will create inspiration and motivate everyone to discover their self-esteem, understand in potential of themselves, and learn to be able to fully implement and development. Importantly, all employees must know their responsibilities and proceed the assigned tasks with full capacity to accomplish organization goal as we determine.