What is Hydrostatic Test (Full Water Test) and what are Testing Procedures?

A Hydrostatic Test (Full Water Test) or shortly called as Hydro Test is a way in which the strength of FRP Tanks or Bio-Scrubber Tanks are tested for leakage, swollenness and cracks based on the RTP-1 engineering standards.

After the production processes of the FRP Tanks or Bio-Scrubber Tanks are completed, a Hydro Test on products are conducted prior to delivery for customers. The testing procedures are listed as below:

  • Tightly, turn off every flange and valve on the FRP tank.
  • Perform a Visual Check to initially check its exterior parts.
  • Open the Manhole on top. Fully, fill up the FRP Tank with water.
  • Leave a Hydro Test for at least 120 minutes or longer to check the possible leaks.
  • After that, record the test results in a report and finish up a Hydro Test.
  • Drain water out of the FRP tank and clean it. Also, perform a Visual Check to neatly recheck both the interior and exterior of the FRP tank after the Hydro Test is completed.
  • Prepare a delivery process for customers as the next step.