• Service for Cleaning Wet Scrubber and Packing Media
  • Service for Changing Activated Carbon Powder
  • Service for Checking and Adjusting Flow Rate of the system
  • Service for Performance Test and Commissioning
  • Service for Preventive Maintenance of the system
  • Service for Balance Blower
  • Service for Repairing all Fiberglass materials for example; Scrubber, Blower, Duct, Tank and Lining
  • Service for Repairing or Changing Accessories in Wet Scrubber System for example; Recirculating Pump, Bearing, Belt and etc
  • Service for repairing all Fiberglass materials under Gencon Brand and any other brand

Consultant Services

We have the experience and expertise to design the Wet Scrubber System, Activated Carbon System, Bio Scrubber System, Odor Control and Other relating system. We are willing to provide full system services from Consulting, Design, Production, Installation and After-Sales Services by our professional engineers. We are providing our services to government section and industrial section both in domestically and internationally for treating the appropriate solutions and technologies under customer requirements.

Design Services

With over 20 years of experience, we have a team of engineers working in Chemical and Mechanical more than 20 persons who can provide advice and recommendations on Air Pollution Control Systems (Wet Scrubber), FRP Blower, FRP Duct, FRP Tank and all Fiberglass products accordant to Engineering design. To meet with customers’ requirement, we have complete teamwork and expertise with the design and solving the customers’ problem. We will take all requirements from customers to have internal meeting and conclude the solution provides for Air Pollution Control System or Other Fiberglass devices to meet with the requirement and budget. Also, we design under the Industrial Standards.

Production Services

Gencon’s Factory is located at Bangplee, Samutprakarn with an area of 15,000 Square Meters. Since, the space is extensive, we can accommodate customer orders to produce and store large dimension and inventory adequately and safely. There are machine tools to measure and modern facilities to support production line along with our professional engineers to monitor Quality Control before deliver the products to other departments or to customers. As we have our core target “Zero Defect” and “Zero Reject” in our services mind.

Installation Services

With our many years of experiences in Installation the system and Fiberglass products over 20 years, our project team is focusing on meeting customers’ requirement and engineering Specification. The core is to deliver our products and services under agreements timeline with customers. Gencon team is having experiences and expertise in installation which we can analyze proper installation plan to make the most effective operation and safety facilities. This is to guarantee that our customers get the highest quality of products and services and also getting the most effective system from us.

After Sales Services and Preventive Maintenance

As part of our services, the customers’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We are focusing especially on After Sales Services and Preventive Maintenance which emphasize to promptly response our customers’ needs. We have the team to service immediately and effectively to make customers feel that we are with them along the system no matter what’s happening regarding to the Air Pollution Control System and Fiberglass Products, Gencon is ready to service you anytime.